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Transfer large files and email large files free with FilesFast!

Welcome to FilesFast!

Welcome to FilesFast. The easiest way to send large files online anywhere in the world.

email large files

If your attachment is too big to be sent via conventional means, give FilesFast a try! Sign up now for a free account.

With 2GB/month free file transfer usage and paid plan prices starting at just £1.99 per month, it’s never been cheaper or easier to send large files safely and securely.

Sending large files – your options

transfer large filesHave you ever needed to send big file and get it to a remote destination fast and securely delivered! Well, conventional methods like flash drives and storage media just won’t cut it.

Trying to execute a large file transfer using normal e mail services can be quite frustrating too! With email filters getting more restrictive, limitations on email box size and people using mobile devices more and more, it's becoming impractical to send large files via email.

send large files for freeFTP (file transfer protocol) can be used to transfer large files. However, your average user would likely not know how to get at the files once you've uploaded them and will be on the phone asking you for help!
So how can you send large files?

What FilesFast does?

If you need to transfer large files or email large files, FilesFast is the ideal way!

FilesFast is an online service that lets you send files of any size to an email address or group of email addresses.

With FilesFast, you simply tell us who you want the file to go to and enter an optional message to be delivered with the file and we keep the file safely and securely on our server.

Then, your intended recipient receives a small email with a link to the file to download at their leisure.

We even have an app for the iPhone (release pending) which will let you get instant notifications when you receive files and forward them on straight from your phone without having the bandwidth costs associated with downloading large data files. Sign up now for a free account.

Easy to use

FilesFast has been specifically developed with you in mind.

Your needs are important to us. That’s why we have produced a streamlined, easy to use, no nonsense service you can trust time and time again!

And it’s scalable, so FilesFast can adapt to your needs as your demand for file transfer capacity grows.

Cost effective and scalable

Whether you want to send large files for free or need a really cost effective solution for additional file transfer capacity, FilesFast has a great solution for your needs.

Our pricing is ultra competitive and easy to understand.

Security of your files matters to us

FilesFast will not only change the way you interface with clients, it gives you peace of mind via use of 256-bit SSL encryption which banks use, to ensure your files are safe and secure during transmission and download. Additional security and convenience is provided by the use of system-generated passwords.

If you'd like to transfer large files or send large files for free, sign up now for a free account

Find generic file transfer information here and here.

Send large files safely and securely
Send files of any size to an email address or group of email addresses
File safely and securely on our server - available for up to 30 days
Recipient receives a small email with a file download link
Password protect downloads
Forward received files
Confirmation of download provided
iPhone app instant notifications
Desktop software for Mac and PC
2GB/month free usage
Paid plans start at just £1.99 per month